The Best Zucchini Pizza – Italian Brick Oven Style

The Best Zucchini Pizza Cooked in Your Italian Brick Oven

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There is nothing like a fresh pizza with all the fresh ingredients from your garden and pantry. Your friends and family will be so excited to be invited over to enjoy the fun!

Serious Eats Blog in this article even shows you how to make zucchini taste great on a pizza. So they had a Wet Zucchini Contest. The dreaded liquid had to be expelled before using on the pizza, just like your precious eggplant – using salt!

Rachel Ray slices her zucchini very very thin and coats them with spices being careful not to overlap.

Marsha Shulman from NYT Cooking pairs the zucchini with Goat Cheese and mint, and wahlah! She slices very thin and sautees first (presumably to eradicate some of that liquid!).

How will your next Zucchini Pizza turn out? Using some of these tips and the PC Brick Oven made right here in California – you won’t be disappointed.

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