Taste Authentic Wood-Fired Pizza at the Smith Flat House

Wood-Fired Pizzawood and gas fired pizza

                                   by PC Brick Ovensfooter logo

  and The Smith Flat House

If you haven’t tried wood-fired pizza yet, you are missing out. Besides these brick ovens cook more than just pizza! If you are local to the manufacturing facility of PC Brick Ovens in Diamond Springs, CA, you should look up the Smith Flat House in Smith Flat, CA just up the road on Highway 50.

The Smith Flat has two ovens built by PC Brick Ovens and thrills their customers with homemade delicacies.

Delightful food, ambiance, history and more to ensure a wonderful experience.


IG: @smithflathouse


Smith Flat House Dining
Smith Flat House Dining


Pizza Ovens are the Best

They can literally cook anything better than a traditional oven – so give it a try – steaks, bread, ribs, chicken, casseroles, beans, desserts – you name it! Let us know what you’re favorites are.

smith flat house
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