Taste Authentic Wood-Fired Pizza at the Smith Flat House

Wood-Fired Pizzawood and gas fired pizza

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  and The Smith Flat House

If you haven’t tried wood-fired pizza yet, you are missing out. Besides these brick ovens cook more than just pizza! If you are local to the manufacturing facility of PC Brick Ovens in Diamond Springs, CA, you should look up the Smith Flat House in Smith Flat, CA just up the road on Highway 50.

The Smith Flat has two ovens built by PC Brick Ovens and thrills their customers with homemade delicacies.

Delightful food, ambiance, history and more to ensure a wonderful experience.


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Smith Flat House Dining
Smith Flat House Dining


Pizza Ovens are the Best

They can literally cook anything better than a traditional oven – so give it a try – steaks, bread, ribs, chicken, casseroles, beans, desserts – you name it! Let us know what you’re favorites are.

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Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

Some of the best foods are even better when cooked in a wood ovens. The wood smoke can make roasted meats and roasted vegetables too good for words and of course bread was made for a wood fired oven. Desserts are better – oh for a crumble baked in a wood fired pizza oven with vanilla ice cream.

pizza in oven

Lest we should forget the ultimate glory for a wood fired pizza oven – the Pizza.

Did you know? Quality Italian Brick Ovens pizzas just taste better and have crispier toppings – The intense heat and constant airflow generated in the brick oven seals and cooks the toppings evenly and quickly and the vegetable toppings will be crispier!

90 SECOND PIZZA – This quick cooking also allows the vitamins and other nutrients in the vegetables to remain. In addition, the cheese does not burn but, instead, lends itself to an appealing color and smoky flavor. YUMM!

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A Wood Fired Pizza Oven Brings Together Friends and Neighbors

Communities share resources and a wood fired pizza oven offers some beautiful resources – especially as the oven is heating.

Think about the warmth of the pizza oven taking the chill off the night air all the while  warming up for the big event – 90 second pizzas cooked to perfection or steaks cooked like you’ve never seen or tasted.

Let neighbors share the wood you will need for this grand taste treat and a community will be borne. Friends, family, children will gather and turn your backyard into a time where things cooked while the fire was available and in stages. First the bread, then the steaks, and finally the desserts and in between the best pizzas ever.

PC Brick Ovens – Gas and Wood Fired Brick Ovens

Discover PC Brick Ovens. PC Brick Ovens is a leading manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of gas and wood fired brick ovens since 1994.
Our outdoor brick ovens are the latest in outdoor cooking. We manufacture many different styles of these classic Italian brick ovens. Propane ovens, natural gas ovens and brick pizza ovens in numerous styles and sizes. A major feature of our Italian brick ovens is portability. All of our Italian brick ovens are virtually maintenance free and easy to incorporate into new or existing construction.

We continue to successfully catering to the demands of residential customers, high end restaurants and commercial kitchen builders with fully-assembled, high-quality pizza ovens.

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Italian Wood & Gas Pizza Ovens

PC Brick Ovens - Italian Wood & Gas Burning Pizza Ovens

Your pizza oven can become the center of your outdoor kitchen. The design of the oven by PC Brick Ovens is easy to install and create a masterpiece of cooking and entertainment. Fully assembled, beautiful, and ready to use. These PC Brick Ovens are ETL Listed and NSF Certified for your safety and protection.

Italian Brick Ovens

Outdoor Pizza Ovens are Top Choices for Spring 2016

PC Brick Ovens

Outdoor pizza ovens can complement any decor and add variety to your cooking choices along with your barbeque. Try ribs, steaks, chicken, casseroles or desserts. They will surely delight your friends and family. Turn your patio into a pizzeria! Whether you have a big backyard or a tiny patio, nothing beats pizza fresh out of your own pizza oven. They are available as gas burning or wood burning.

Make sure the oven is close enough to the house to make it convenient for you, but also far enough away so that you can enjoy the oven on warmer days as well. Planning is essential and will enhance your every-day living experiences. Plant herbs near your oven to use in your casseroles and pizzas, and have tools nearby too.

Want to keep your grandkids close? Put out an assortment of toppings and create a DIY pizza party. Try, pineapple, bacon, broccoli, jalapenos, asparagus, steak, arugula, figs, goat cheese, ham, sausage, bleu cheese, chorizo, red onion, lemon,  – essentially anything can make a great new pizza creation!

Wood Fired Pizza by PC Brick Ovens
Fresh Basil, Gouda, Parmesan make this our favorite pizza yet!


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The Best Zucchini Pizza – Italian Brick Oven Style

The Best Zucchini Pizza Cooked in Your Italian Brick Oven

Best Pizza Oven

There is nothing like a fresh pizza with all the fresh ingredients from your garden and pantry. Your friends and family will be so excited to be invited over to enjoy the fun!

Serious Eats Blog http://www.seriouseats.com/2015/07/zucchini-pizza-is-terrible-unless-you-treat-it-right.html in this article even shows you how to make zucchini taste great on a pizza. So they had a Wet Zucchini Contest. The dreaded liquid had to be expelled before using on the pizza, just like your precious eggplant – using salt!

Rachel Ray http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/rachael-ray/zucchini-roni-pizza-recipe.html slices her zucchini very very thin and coats them with spices being careful not to overlap.

Marsha Shulman from NYT Cooking pairs the zucchini with Goat Cheese and mint, and wahlah! http://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1013323-lavash-pizza-with-zucchini-and-goat-cheese-topping. She slices very thin and sautees first (presumably to eradicate some of that liquid!).

How will your next Zucchini Pizza turn out? Using some of these tips and the PC Brick Oven made right here in California – you won’t be disappointed.

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